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What is Goal Management?

Image of a hot coffee and book by Thomas Park from Unsplash

When it comes to gaining direction and clarity, whether that’s in the workplace, in business, at school or university, it’s so incredibly important to have goals. Now, I’m not talking about the set and forget that usually happens, I’m talking about once you set a goal you need to MANAGE it. The whole purpose of having a goal is to see it to fruition and that can only be done if you have a plan that you consistently review and have the discipline to implement tasks that get you closer to your objective.

Once you identify the goals that you wish to develop you then look at how can you make them happen. What do you need to implement? Perhaps you need to up skill, maybe you need to create new habits, you may need to look at how you’re spending your time, etc. I believe when it comes to goals there is a lot more involved than just generically setting them. It’s all encompassing, it’s your behaviour, it’s not only your mindset, it’s an action led lifestyle. One of the main reasons goals aren’t accomplished is because they’re set on a surface level, there’s no deep dive into what’s truly involved in making it a reality.

Any time I’ve set a goal for myself, I’ve looked at the ENTIRE process. We know making vision boards are fun, writing down our ideal goals are fun, but what does it actually take to make them happen?

When I help clients look at their goals, we don’t just stop the session after they’ve written down what they’d like to accomplish. We look at WHY is this goal important in the first place, HOW can they accomplish these goals, WHAT are the next steps, and WHEN do they want them obtained by?

There’s no point in identifying your goals and not actively pursuing them, goal management is an ongoing process and is essential to your growth and development.

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