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Stop Reinventing The Wheel & Start Repurposing Your Content

Image of a monochrome wooden wagon with wheels by Jon Toney from Unsplash

Every time I went to post, I went blank.⁣..Does that sound like you? Then stop reinventing the wheel and start repurposing your content.⁣

Repurposing should be a common occurrence in your content strategy and unfortunately I hate to tell you this but majority of your followers haven’t seen or heard the message in the first place. So don’t keep your best work hidden, refresh your content with a new angle, new graphic, or new call to action. ⁣

For example this image below is from my photoshoot with the incredible ladies over at The Brand Photographers obviously because of the pandemic, I haven’t had the chance to update my shots, so I had to get creative and repurpose my images with my new branding. This is just one way you can look at your content from another angle.⁣

Stop Reinventing the wheel, start repurposing your content

Here are 3 other ways you can repurpose your content so you don’t have to constantly rack your brain every time you go to post:

⁣Use a platform to grow a platform

Unfortunately Instagram is not SEO friendly (yet) when it comes to finding key points of interest. Utilise a search friendly platform like Pinterest to repurpose your old content into new graphics to drive users back to your Instagram.

For example, if I have an Instagram post that is almost a mini blog with actionable tips, I want to make sure that the content within that post is evergreen (meaning that the post continues to be relevant past it’s original publishing) so I would create a Pinterest friendly pin talking about that specific topic and then drive Pinterest users back to my original Instagram post. ⁣

Here is the example I used on Instagram:

Repurposing Your Content

⁣Turn your IG posts into long form blogs or vice versa

If you have an incredible post that has quite a lot of written content, stretch out those key points and craft a blog post around it, you can then utilise Pinterest to drive users back to your website. Blogs are also a great way for you to amplify SEO and keyword searches to be found by your ideal customer. Then the other side of the coin is to utilise a blog you’ve already written and cut it up into shorter posts giving you more content out of one long form piece. ⁣

⁣Grab key messages from interviews

Have you been on a podcast yet feel like you can only really post it once? News flash! This is quality real estate for you. Your first post may have been the behind the scenes of you and your microphone, the next could be the podcast art, another could be using apps like Wavve or Headliner to grab key messages from the interview. Don’t just stop at one post, continue to filter that message throughout, it may be the first time a follower has seen you and wants to check out the episode to learn more about you or it could be someone who’s followed you for a while and now has the time to sit down and listen in. There’s so much value here. ⁣

Wavve App Share Your Audio on Social Media
Headliner App Video is the best way to promote your podcast

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel constantly, think outside the box and come up with ways that you can create a new angle on the content you’ve already got in your social bank.

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