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Visibility Boosters For Creatives

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Unfortunately, it’s not enough to be passionate, it’s not enough to be great at what you do, yes you’ve got the skills but if nobody knows about you, you’re yelling into a void. Here are my top 12 visibility boosters for creatives to implement today so you can start being recognised and stand out amongst the crowd.

1. Identify your ideal client

You MUST identify who your ideal customer is, if don’t have clarity around this first step you’re going to be stretching yourself thin trying to please everyone and let me tell you now, that does not pay the bills. By knowing WHO you’re talking to you can create your marketing, copy and strategy to really SPEAK to that ideal person. Don’t just focus on demographics, focus on their key behaviours, what do they read, where do they hang out, what’s their favourite podcasts etc. Getting clear on this is so effective plus it helps ten-fold when you’re creating targeted ads (See tip 12).

2. How are you showing up?

No I don’t mean by posting a great image once a day, how are you showing up consistently day to day both online and offline. Have you got a strategy in place to track towards your goals? Are you putting yourself forward and out of your comfort zone rather than waiting for opportunities to come to you? You must have a strategy in place and take intentional action.

3. Who can you align yourself with?

The best form of branding awareness is by word of mouth and being “seen”, is there a networking group near you that your ideal customer goes to? Is there a Facebook Group or online membership (some memberships cost yet some platforms are free, it’s just about searching for your community) that you can provide value in and be front of mind? Is there another business/creator/brand that you can collaborate with to amplify your message.

4. Have you asked?

If you don’t ask you don’t get. Another great way to be seen as the go to in your industry is by social proof, did you get a review from your last client? If not ask. People want to build you up! And pitch yourself!! Is there someone you would love to work with or somewhere you’d love your content to be seen? Do your research and find an aligned blog/podcast/magazine/digital media platform that you can be showcased on to get in front of an entirely new audience. Utilise keywords in the Facebook Group search bar to check out whether someone’s looking for interviewees, article ideas, speakers, OR literally type in “I’m looking for” as a keyword phrase. You’d be surprised.

5. Get the tech right

Showing up every day can be time consuming so how can you automate that process to do one less thing? Buffer, Planoly, Plann, Later, Hootsuite, Tailwind and so many others are great tools to schedule and automate your social media. Spend one day batching everything together and let the tech do the rest. Also look at the SEO on your website to make sure you’re showing up as the go to in your area/industry, use specific key words and update your meta tags to reflect your messaging.

6. Show yourself!

People want to see the person behind the product/service! This shows that you’re real and love your craft, one of my FAVOURITE things is to see BTS shots of creatives in action. Gorgeous photos are great, but the setup of that photo is even better, take me on the journey and let me feel like I’m a part of it. This is especially effective for launches to create hype and engagement.

7. Add value and educate

If you’re passionate about what you do, then educate your audience as to WHY and give them a bonus insight into how rad your skills are, you’re knowledgeable so use it! You’re the expert in your field, not me, so show me your ways. What are the best questions to ask a photographer/videographer prior to a shoot? How often should I clean my makeup brushes? Where/how do you get inspiration for your designs? What’s the easiest way to make my hair look good when it’s greasy? You tell me.

8. Say no

Have a serious look at how many bonuses/TFP/mates rates/ you’re giving out. You will not get paid what you are worth if you do not believe you are worthy in the first place. Have a budget for how much you give out (if any) and say NO to when that budget is up. It’s all well and good to gain visibility but not at the detriment to your worth and value. If someone asks you to lower your prices or “do a deal” that is not your ideal client. Move on. 

9. Forecast

Forecasting isn’t only for budgets, you can use them as a part of your strategy in your business. You can use them for sales, yes. However, building a forecasting strategy around certain events, holidays, seasons, or trends that are coming up and planning both your content, marketing and collaborations around them will get you in front of the right people at the right time.

10. Utilise pinterest

Just like Google, Pinterest is a massive search engine. If you have a blog post or generally any image on your website you can pin it, which in turn drives Pinterest users back to your website to learn more. You can also utilise Tailwind to pin your Instagram/Youtube content (hello repurposing) to funnel back to your social platform of choice. This is especially effective if you have products or a portfolio to show off.

11. Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to create hype, to generate engagement and to gain an understanding of whether there is a need/want for your product or service. HOWEVER whenever I see creatives doing this they aren’t leveraging it to be the best it could be. Rather than getting your audience to repost or tag a friend you can create a landing page to collect emails (which you can then retarget or up sell to later on). You want your giveaway to be amplified to the right audience, not those who are just after a freebie. While it’s great to generate hype, sometimes getting cold leads that you now have to give your time/money away to isn’t worth the energy or the best return on investment.

12. Utilise facebook

Facebook is probably one of the BEST places for creatives to promote their business, Facebook has an incredible referral capacity (sharing and tagging) because word of mouth is STILL the most powerful form of visibility. Plus using targeted ads to get in front of your customer at the exact time they’re needing your service is an incredible strategy (check out the behaviours tab in your Ads Manager (have they recently had any milestones, engagements, changed careers etc) it’s spooky yet effective.

Once you’ve gone through the list let me know what tips you’re going to implement so that you can show up intentionally AND create an epic strategy to make an impact.

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12 Visibility Boosters For Creatives

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