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There’s a deeper meaning to using emojis in your sales copy and strategy

Photo by Domingo Alvarez E on Unsplash

Did you know I attracted more of my ideal clients by using the “⚡” emoji?⁠

Why? Because I was reverse engineering their own use of that same emoji within their bio. It all comes down to psychology, do you see yourself in this person, do you relate to them, does it feel familiar? ⁠

You only have so many seconds when someone comes across your profile, so you need to amplify that buying behaviour as much as possible. You’re not only trying to communicate who you are, what you offer and who for, you also want to build rapport in those few seconds.

I know for me, as soon as I see certain emojis I know they are my person and I’m going to relate to their content. Think about the people you follow, do they use the same emojis you do? Does it emit any emotion? ⁠Do they use specific emojis consistently throughout their own sales copy?

I use a few different emojis that are as apart of my branding as my wild west puns. But you’ll also see me use certain emojis that mirror what my ideal customers use as well. ⁠

Do a mini audit on your competitors and other businesses you engage with, are they using specific emojis or wording that evoke emotion with you that make you feel aligned to the brand? Think outside of the box with your emoji strategy and look at it on a micro level.

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