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What are your marketing objectives?

Identify Your Marketing Objectives

When you dive into your marketing, do you take a step back and identify what your objectives are?

Yes, we all want to get out there, we all want to generate leads that’s the aim of the game in business and of course cutting through the sea of noise. However, when you can identify what your marketing objectives are and what you want to accomplish, the more you will be able to direct your energy and time into the right campaigns and get the most return on investment.

So, what types of objectives am I talking about? Here are some examples of what type of campaign you want to run for your business depending on the season you’re at and what you’re wanting to accomplish.

– Gain awareness around your brand

– Promote your solution to their problem (Educate your audience)

– Customer Acquisition (Gain new leads)

– Monetise existing warm leads

– Reactivate existing customers for recurring sales (Up-sell)

– Build community (Creating loyalty)

– Build credibility (Building social proof and expertise)

This is why developing a strategy in your business is so essential, so you can forecast marketing campaigns, awareness/visibility goals, community building and lead generation launches. Having a creative strategy is all about thinking outside the business box. It’s about having a map ready to guide you where you want to go and answering the why and when of how to get there.

For me, there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to marketing your business, especially when it comes to working with creatives from multiple industries – a basic strategy just doesn’t cut it.

My approach to coaching is a little different. I don’t believe that it’s enough just to be passionate and it’s not enough to be great at what you do. Yes, you’ve got the skills, but if no one knows about you then you’re simply yelling into a void. This is where a creative strategy comes in.

If you’re looking for a little more information around marketing strategy and visibility, I’ve teamed up with Gig Super to make this darn-tootin heck of a guide. Here’s my 12-step approach to creating your own strategy so that you can get visible and stand out.

You can download it here!

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