It’s not enough to be passionate, it’s not enough to be great at what you do, yes you’ve got the skills but if nobody knows about you, you're yelling into a void, this is why it's so essential you have a strategy in place to gain visibility and awareness in your business.

This workbook contains some nifty nuggets on how to get clear on your awareness and growth strategies this year.

Identify visibility strategies, forecast brand awareness and review your growth.

What your goals for this year, what do you want to achieve? What are your numeric goals? Where are you amplifying your awareness? Have you identified your priorities? Have you reviewed your goals each quarter?

In this workbook you will dive into each of these questions and come out with more insight into marketing opportunities and how to ensure you are moving the needle in your business by 1% every day.

Stop yelling into an empty mine shaft...

I’m Sarah, the sheriff in town. Business strategy is my main jam, but you’ll also find me obsessing over things like ancient history, leather jackets, cowboy boots and macabre art. 

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