We are going to *boom!* detonate the TNT, pull your entire business, systems, marketing and operations apart, sift through the debris and arm you with a plan to build it back up and achieve your exact goals at your pace.

Ready to blow up your entire business?

Dynamite in a Day

You have the option to choose a full whole sha-bang day where we spend 6 hours together blowing up your business, sifting through the debris and arming you with a strategy. OR you can opt for half a day (3 hours) where we focus on a specific area in your business where you need just a few sticks of dynamite rather than the whole barrel of TNT.

After you fill in the detailed pre-questionnaire, we'll meet up (virtually for those not in Newcastle) for your VIP business coaching day and go through your goals, concerns and the gaps I've found so we can begin crafting your own strategy going forward.

*Please note, this is an intensive coaching day, you want to find gaps? You need to put in the work. The more you put in, the more you'll get out.


Sarah knew what I needed and what I valued within very little time. Sarah was absolutely amazing at every pivot and knew how to help me achieve my short term goals and my long term goals. I was most confident at believing my big goal is achievable with Sarah's guidance.

Typical Outcomes for a VIP Business Coaching Day can include:

- The development of a social media marketing plan including content pillars and brand positioning
- Identifying the strategy behind a marketing or lead capture campaign and how to implement
- Getting clear on your ideal customer avatar and identify how to market directly to them using tone and strategy
- Craft a new product/service launch and map out KPI's
- Create a streamlined client onboarding experience
- Overhaul entire website and social presence
- 12 Month Goal Management Planning

Dynamite Outcomes:


The Full Day TNT

There are limiteD VIP Days available each month. choose from Full Day or Half Day.

What's the cost?


Half Day Dynamite

- melisah, artist

My business has gone from strength to strength. Sarah has covered so much info that I hadn’t thought about or really covered enough - website, marketing, ideal customer and time management- all the things ‘creatives’ tend to struggle with! Thank you so much Sarah, you have given me so many amazing tools that I will continue to use!"

I’m Sarah, the sheriff in town. Business strategy is my main jam, but you’ll also find me obsessing over things like ancient history, leather jackets, cowboy boots and macabre art.  

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