Yeehaw! You and your business are riding off into the sunset, gearing up for your next big adventure. When suddenly, you reach a fork in the road. A dead end. Or worse, a sheer cliff face. You have an idea of your next move but can’t be sure if it’s the right one...

No Bull Business Audit

- penelope, photographer

Sarah came into my life like she was meant to be in it and guided me through breakthrough after breakthrough. 

It all seems too familiar. Up until now, you’ve navigated your business solo. But you are kind of just throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping it sticks. Only problem? It hasn’t so far.

You can’t remember the last time you worked ON your business, but you know it’s time to finally throw your hat in the ring and give it a damn good crack. 

You’re overwhelmed, overcommitted and more overworked than a bucking bull at a ho-down. 

Let me guess...

(a) take a blind-folded shot in the dark and hope for the best. (b) Finally get that second opinion, troubleshoot your ideas and find out once and for all which path to continue your adventure down. And you know in your heart of hearts, which one you want right now. 

Feel calm, clear and confident with your next business move, knowing exactly what to do next. Finally regain traction with actionable steps designed to not only give you a map towards achieving your goals but push you towards them. 

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1 payment in full of

no bull audits require a full payment of $297 prior to booking time slot.

What's the cost?

Together we’ll brainstorm current struggles you’re experiencing and troubleshoot (pew pew) to unlock your solutions. It’s also used to workshop areas like pricing, packages, launch plans, content pillars, ideal customer avatars, pitching, minimum viable product and where an idea is worth pursuing (just for starters). 

Prior to our session you’ll complete a brief discovery questionnaire so I know what we’re in for and how I can best utilise our time. Then, we’ll have a 1 hour zoom consult, where you’ll achieve a quick win, know exactly what your next move should be, why and how to achieve it.

This consult comes fluff-free, to the point and with your best interest at heart. You’ll gain a new perspective from a rockin’ coach (AKA me!) who specialises in working with creative businesses like yours.

So, we are locked and loaded, what’s next?

- taylor, dog behaviorist, podcaster & educator

I really can guarantee that she’s going to get you to that next step and is going to unlock doors that you wouldn’t have even thought about or knew you could unlock.​

I’m Sarah, the sheriff in town. Business strategy is my main jam, but you’ll also find me obsessing over things like ancient history, leather jackets, cowboy boots and macabre art.  

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1 payment in full of

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