Maybe you’ve noticed a few systems or processes that feel off, but you're not sure why.

This rattle snake review is for those thick skinned partners who don’t mind their business being poked and prodded. This is not for the faint of heart, you need to be prepared to be bitten. 

Select the area in your business that you want me to review, trouble shoot and I'll come back with some documentation infused with tough love venom, I promise it's not as bad as it seems, just a little sting ;)

Sometimes we need an eagle's eye view to identify where our gaps are so that you can stomp them out and keep on riding.

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...

Rattlesnake Review

After receiving information about your goals, concerns and specific areas of confusion, I’ll get to work and run a complete audit on your current efforts. This could include things like who you think are your ideal clients, competitor analysis, audit your processes and trouble shoot your systems and workflows, social media presence and analytics or an entire website audit. But that’s just a *sip* of what’s possible.

When we are working in our business for so long we become tunnel visioned and can't see the gaps that are forming and quite often miss those important steps that could be the determining factor of why your customers are getting confused and not converting.

You can select one area or more, keep in mind that the more areas you select the more gold is needed and will be added to your invoice.

What's in the review?


Starting At:

Note* one "area" in your business costs $697, additional "areas" will be added to the invoice and priced at $597

What's the cost?

- kim, photographer

My process and workflow was in a mess, but Sarah assured me and provided a step my step running list on thing's to work on, whilst also showing me strategies that I've never heard before to implement. I love Sarah's no B.S. way and our coaching calls have always been motivating, fun, filled with laughter, celebrating the wins and the accountability and support I needed.

I’m Sarah, the sheriff in town. Business strategy is my main jam, but you’ll also find me obsessing over things like ancient history, leather jackets, cowboy boots and macabre art.  

Meet your coach!

- Bec, Wedding Photographer

Sarah is an AMAZING business coach. I am a photographer and have had sessions with her and feel like I am so much better off after taking her advice. She is so knowledgeable and gives real, actionable strategy that can be applied to any business. Highly recommend.