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Project management is my main jam, but you’ll also find me obsessing over things like ancient history, the wild west and dinosaurs.

So, you’re probably thinking, who is this ginger with the leather jacket & boots? Well! I thought you’d never ask, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sarah, the sheriff in town. 

Howdy partner!

All my life my dad has called me a "straight shooter", that I tell it like it is and don’t beat around the bush. Growing up we always had the old westerns playing in the background, so I have a sense of nostalgia with anything John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood and Dean Martin in it.

As I got older and started stepping into my confidence I wore more leather jackets and boots and it just evolved being "Oh I can actually wear what I want to and be my quirky self", then it kind of evolved from there and my branding was born.

Why the Wild West?

I’m a straight shooter and hate beating around the bush 

Some even call me "The Red peril"

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read a book


watch tv

I'd choose an adventure novel to read over binging tv any day.

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i adore cold weather, the more i can wear my leather jackets the better.

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If i could live in a cabin up in the mountains, sitting by a log fire with a whisky in hand listening to vinyls that would be a dream.

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