Sure, you've got the chops, but if your name ain't whispered in the saloons, you're just hollerin' into the wilderness. That's why it's downright critical to have a strategy, to get your name known far and wide.

This workbook contains some nifty nuggets on how to get clear on your awareness and growth strategies this year.

Discover trailblazing visibility strategies, prospect brand awareness, and tally your growth.

What are you aiming to conquer this year? What's the bounty ($$$) you're chasing? What kind of smoke signals are you sending up to get noticed? Have you pinned down what matters most on your journey? Are you taking the time to check your map and compass every quarter?

In this workbook you will dive into each of these questions. It's all about charting your course, reading the lay of the land, and making sure you're always moving closer to your share of the gold rush.

Stop yelling into an empty mine shaft...


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