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The struggle and rise of being a “multipotentialite”

For the longest time I struggled with being a “multipotentialite”, I’d been wracking my brain on how I can show up as the most authentic version of myself while also feeling like I was leading 3 different lives.

That was until I stumbled across an article, in it the core message was that “being multifaceted shouldn’t take away from your personal brand.”

The exercise given was to find a common thread that runs through your multiple interests or roles. Me being me, I wanted to really dive into this so I enlisted the help of my partner, ye ol’ Bard and popped in the following:

  • Agile Delivery Manager/Project Manager in Tech
  • Creative Business Coach
  • Research and academia (archaeology, anthropology, palaeontology)

And dang, Bard delivered…

“While these interests seem diverse at first glance, a common thread could be unveiling hidden knowledge and guiding others to understand it.”

Here’s how:

Agile Delivery Manager/Project Manager in Tech: In this role, you manage projects to deliver innovative solutions. This involves breaking down complex problems, planning efficiently, and guiding teams to achieve goals. It’s essentially uncovering the best approach to reach a desired outcome, similar to how archaeologists or anthropologists might uncover hidden knowledge through meticulous planning and execution.

Creative Business Coach: As a coach, you help businesses and individuals unlock their creative potential. This involves understanding their unique strengths and challenges, then guiding them to develop and implement creative solutions. This aligns with the research and analysis aspects of archaeology and anthropology, where professionals analyse data and artifacts to understand past cultures and societies.

Research and academia (archaeology, anthropology, palaeontology): These fields involve uncovering the past through meticulous research, analysis, and interpretation of data. This requires curiosity, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate complex information to others – skills equally valuable in agile project management and business coaching.

In essence, all three interests involve:

  • Uncovering hidden knowledge or potential: Whether it’s finding the best project delivery approach, unlocking creative potential, or piecing together the past, all three involve a desire to understand what’s not readily apparent.
  • Guiding others to understand: Project managers guide teams, coaches guide clients, and researchers share their findings with the academic community and public.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking: All three roles require the ability to analyse situations, identify challenges, and develop effective solutions.

While the specific context and application differ, the underlying thread of uncovering knowledge, guiding understanding, and problem-solving connects these seemingly disparate interests.

The rise of “multipotentialites” are becoming increasingly prevalent with many wanting to diversify their skill range while also holistically “filling their cup”. I myself, being one of them.

Having a multipotentialite in your team can bring a wealth of benefits to your project and organisation. Here are some key advantages:

Enhanced Creativity and Problem-Solving:

  • Fresh perspectives: Their diverse interests and experiences lead to unconventional ideas and approaches to challenges. They can easily connect seemingly disparate concepts, sparking innovation and breaking out of the box thinking.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: They can readily adjust to new situations and embrace diverse tasks, leading to quicker problem-solving and effective solutions in dynamic environments.

Stronger Team Dynamics and Collaboration:

  • Empathy and communication: Their understanding of different viewpoints enables them to connect with and motivate various team members, fostering understanding and collaboration. They can bridge communication gaps and facilitate effective teamwork.
  • Bridge-building and inclusivity: Their ability to connect across disciplines and departments can strengthen collaboration and knowledge sharing, leading to a more inclusive and dynamic work environment.

Increased Innovation and Growth:

  • Lifelong learning: Their inherent curiosity and passion for learning keeps them constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills, bringing fresh ideas and growth opportunities to the organisation.
  • Trend awareness: Their diverse interests often extend beyond the immediate field, making them aware of emerging trends and potential opportunities before others, giving your organisation a competitive edge.

Additional Benefits:

  • Resilience and adaptability: They can easily adapt to changing situations and unforeseen challenges, offering valuable stability and resourcefulness during uncertain times.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: By leveraging their multi-faceted skills and interests, you create a more stimulating and fulfilling work environment, leading to happier and more motivated employees.

After doing this exercise it was as if I’d taken the first sip of water after being stranded in the desert for what felt like an eternity. I feel more aligned with my multiple interests and identified how I can best show up while being aligned to my own values, interests and leverage a diverse skillset.

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