So, you’re probably thinking, who is this ginger with the leather jacket & boots? Well! I thought you’d never ask, allow me to introduce myself.
I’m Sarah, the sheriff in town. 

I'm Sarah


You may want to pour yourself a whisky for this one…🥃

Howdy partners, settle in, kick your boots up and get ready for yarn.

I created my business in 2017 going through multiple iterations to try and find my dynamite, from makeup artistry, to virtual assistant, to goal management coach, to small business coach, to creative business coach (my favourite by far) to a hybrid of both and then disappearing into the shadows like a cowboy on the run.

In amongst that, life had a pesky slingshot hitting me with random stones that made me fall off the horse not once but a few times, however honoured me with many refreshing sips of whisky along the way to make up for it.

For those that were following the journey on my IG, my last “back with a bang” post, I moved to Sydney during the pandemic, re-entered the workforce, got promoted and was exploring the world of tech. Then another stone was hurled towards me and I had to start again. What I didn’t know was that this was the next chapter of the best and most challenging time of my life.

I moved to Brisbane in 2022 (where I reside today and love it), I gained another promotion, multiple pay rises, I found new love and celebrated an anniversary, I moved twice and now have my own office that I adore, I’m coming back to what I loved growing up and being unapologetic about it. This is obviously a highlight reel and there’s a few sticky stones caught in my boot that I would love to share and gain awareness of in time.

But yet here we are…again. I won’t lie I’ve really struggled with the balance of everything, but also subconsciously hitting the ceiling in my growth. I moved outside of the coaching bubble and up-skilled in a different way.

For the past 2 and a bit years I’ve been managing multiple teams, handling multi-million dollar contracts and delivering enterprise level data transformation programs of work. Which got me thinking. I’ve worked in transformational projects enhancing frameworks, ways of working and managing teams while supporting their own growth and development. Why not utilise this learning to deliver strategies and frameworks I’ve created to those who want to expand their skillsets and apply tactical steps to breakthrough their ceilings too.

So, with that said. I’m back outlaws and galloping back into town.

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